Our Mission

To help educate and prepare for an unexpected medical emergency.

Our Approach

We take a practical approach that focuses on real-life situations for various industries. Not only do we assist health care professionals with blended-learning classes and certifications, we apply life-saving skills for various industries, such as fitness gyms, schools, daycare providers, restaurants, and more. In addition to professionals, we assist anyone with the desire to attain life-saving skills. Whether it be for a loved one or to be a good samaritan willing to help anyone, we are here to help.

Our Story

While being a fitness professional for over 20 years, I've seen my share of emergencies while on the gym floor training my clients. I have witnessed the panic and desperate cry for someone to help their loved one. During times like these we can only hope that an experienced individual can step in to assist as time is critical. With the skills I have learned I would like to do my part to help. My biggest contribution would be to teach and coach  life-saving skills to others. My goal is to help people be in a position where, because of the skills they have learned, they are comfortable stepping up and helping.

Bill Erno M.S.

AMA CPR Instructor / Personal Trainer
bill erno - cpr instructor / personal trainer

Bill has been an American Heart Association instructor for nine years, instructing CPR and First Aid classes to both professionals and individuals. He has instructed classes for fitness gyms, restaurants, daycare facilities, schools, and more. 

Prior going to college, Bill first wanted to be a medic in the military. Upon doing research and speaking with recruiters, he realized that it wasn't going to materialized that way he had imaged and enrolled at University of Oregon to attain his degrees. He holds an M.S. in Sports Medicine with minors in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology, as well as a B.S. in Exercise Science, with a minor in Biology from the University of Oregon. 

Bill started his wellness career as a Certified Athletic Trainer, managing on-field emergencies, setting up rehab protocols for injuries, and developing programs that help prevent injuries in the first place.

In addition to being a Personal Trainer for over 20 years, Bill also helps people with Type Two Diabetes learn to manage their blood sugars with exercise and diet.

On his personal time, Bill enjoys staying fit, reading, movies, music and cooking. He is also an animal fanatic, especially when it comes to dogs.

Have a Question for Bill?

If you have a question about Bill or looking for more information about CPR and First Aid courses, please send Bill a message, or call at (503)539-4754.

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