We offer a American Heart Association BLS and Heart Saver CPR/AED/First Aid classes, for professionals and non- professionals. We also offer non certification courses for individuals who would like to attain life-saving skills for personal purposes. Our missions is to help educate and prepare professionals and individuals for an unexpected medical emergency. We use an applicable and practical approach for various industries. Our blog provides safety tips and information for various scenarios. Since it is difficult to foresee unexpected events, our Life Saver Blog will help familiarize yourself with different scenarios just in case.
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Who should take a CPR, AED/ First Aid class?

Anyone, Everyone, you.  Do you run a business?  Have employees working there?  Do you have clients, patrons who frequent your establishment?  Do you Know what to do if they have a medical emergency?  You should.  

What if you have a restaurant and one of your patrons while having a good time and laughing accidentally inhales some food and begins to choke.  Immediately you call an ambulance, excellent!  Now what?  A great response time from the EMTs would be 6 to 8 minutes.  That is time your loyal customer is going without oxygen! But what if you and your staff new exactly what to do? Immediately one of your staff performs abdominal thrust clearing the object and saving your guests life!  Is there any better form of customer service?

You are at your gym, putting your favorite client through a work out when they start to complain about chest pain.  What would you do?  How would you want your staff to respond?  We give you the training to know how to respond, so that you can do everything you can to help your client.  That’s customer service.

What if it is someone you love? Seventy percent of cardiac arrests outside of hospitals happen in homes, to a family member a friend.  Shouldn’t you be prepared?  We help you become prepared.

At the end of the day, just ask yourself... Are you prepared to help?

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